Santa Ana Concrete Driveways
Santa Ana Concrete Driveways


​Is your concrete driveway approaching 30 years old? Are you required to drive over deep splits as well as holes whenever you revoke your driveway?


If so, it might be time to change your concrete driveway. Our concrete driveway professionals in Santa Ana, CA can assist you plan your next steps. Call us today with any added inquiries you might have.

Advanced Age

Absolutely nothing lasts for life, including your concrete driveway. If your driveway is about 30 years old, you’ll start seeing more indicators of damage. For example, you might see more splits and potholes. While concrete can last up to 30 years, whether it really lasts that long will certainly depend on your environment, whether it was appropriately mounted, what upkeep it obtained, and also the degree of traffic.

Standing Water

Don’t neglect standing water! Our service providers are often able to lift sunken concrete slabs by infusing polyurethane foam beneath. First, we pierce ⅝” openings right into the piece. Contrasted to openings for typical mudjacking that are 1 ⅝”, the openings for polyurethane concrete lifting are relatively smaller and fewer in number. This means you’ll have less patching after the concrete slab is raised. We after that inject the polyurethane foam, lifting the slab up so it’s degree with the remainder of the sidewalk.

If we aren’t able to eliminate sunken sidewalk through concrete training, we might recommend replacement. Sunken pavement can be a sign that the structure is beginning to fail. Call our concrete driveway specialists as soon as you notice standing water. Otherwise, the water can damage your concrete driveway and make splits as well as pockets more likely. Water can also pass through the structure to create long-term damages.

Deep Splits

Freeze-thaw cycles can be harsh to your concrete driveway. As the ground below the driveway heaves, it can make the pavement fracture along the surface. If left unrepaired, concrete driveway cracks can expand and also develop into craters. During the winter, water can also seep into cracks and also expand as it freezes.

While our concrete service providers can fill up small cracks, the exact same can not be stated once they widen and deepen. Therefore, it is essential you maintain up on upkeep. Otherwise, you could deal with the expenditure of replacing your entire concrete driveway.

Big Pits

Nobody suches as spending for concrete driveway repair work, a lot less auto repair work. Yet, both tend to work together. When you have a huge fracture you’re driving over on a daily basis, you’re more likely to harm your tires and even the suspension system.

Conserve on your own the grief of an unexpected vehicle repair service by dealing with your concrete driveway. While little gaps can be loaded, the very same can not be stated once it ends up being a crater. Once a gap reaches this factor, you’ll have little choice but to replace that area or the whole driveway. Santa Ana Concrete driveway professionals can aid you take care of your freshly led surface area so it lasts for many years to find. Call us at these numbers: ​(949) 386 – 1553

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