Weeds from Surpassing Concrete Pavers
Santa Ana Concrete Driveways
Santa Ana Concrete Driveways

Weeds from Surpassing Concrete Pavers

​If you have concrete pavers as your outdoor patio, split areas in your walkway, or any kind of other concrete that is split, you may be struggling with keeping weeds from popping up and destroying the appearance of your residence. While you can spray weedkiller or blast them with a power washing machine, those approaches will not last the season or necessarily be effective. By utilizing polymeric sand, you can maintain the weeds down by securing up the joints in your concrete. Here’s what you’ll require to do the work as well as how to do it:


  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Polymeric sand
  • Mug
  • Mop
  • Fallen leave blower
  • Yard sprayer
  • Spray bottle
  • White Vinegar
  • Dishwashing soap
Step 1: Eliminate the Weeds

In a spray bottle, incorporate white vinegar with a teaspoon of recipe soap which will make the vinegar adhere to the weeds enough time to eliminate them. For maximum effect, it’s best to spray the weeds throughout prime hrs for extreme warmth as well as sunlight, so the weeds will soak up the vinegar.
Step 2: Get Rid Of the Weeds

You can either wait until the next day to get rid of the dead weeds or just dig them up to life. Prior to you can seal up your concrete joints, you require to ensure all the existing weeds are gone. You can either use your hands or a flathead screwdriver to pull them out.

Step 3: Fill Joints with Sand

Making use of a mug, put sand into the concrete joints. Brush up the sand all the way into the joints with your broom. To keep the sand from tarnishing any one of your concrete, use a leaf blower to blow away the excess sand. (Do not neglect this step!).

Step 4: Haze the Polymeric Sand

When you are sure the only sand continuing to be is in the joints of the concrete, NOT on the surface area, begin misting the concrete joints with a garden sprayer. You should take down 3 to 4 water applications over the sand. There are 2 essential points to bear in mind as you do this. One: Avoid puddling. As well as two: Do not wait more than 3 mins in between each application, so do tiny sections at once to avoid letting the sand rest too long between watering. As soon as you have actually completed splashing, allow your patio area rest unblemished for 24 hr.

​After sealing your concrete joints with polymeric sand, you should be safeguarded from any weed flare. If you wish to place an end to weeds in your concrete permanently, contact our team at Santa Ana Concrete Driveways. We can offer you the appearance of concrete pavers without the pesky joints that brings in weeds and pests. Need more guides, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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