Santa Ana Concrete Driveways
Santa Ana Concrete Driveways

Love Your Floors Extra With Easy-Care Decorative Concrete Finishes

Raise your hand if you like to move, vacuum cleaner, wipe and scrub your floorings. No hands? Not surprising that. Preserving tidy floors can be hard work and particularly now, with pandemic-driven, continuous at-home time for the entire household, floors are even more revealed to dirt, spills, and also damages. This translates to even more time spent cleaning and keeping your floorings. You can damage this cycle as well as regain beneficial time for more satisfying pastimes with easy-care attractive concrete floorings from Santa Ana Concrete Driveways.

All you have to do is replace the care-intensive rug, hardwood, stone ceramic tiles, plastic, and laminate floorings with low-maintenance, versatile decorative concrete that cleans up with soap as well as water. From discolored concrete to marked and stenciled patterns or separately hand-carved rock, our items as well as concrete resurfacing systems can replicate any kind of natural stone, tile, block, or timber plank, so you can have different floor covering styles but only one cleaning up routines.

Easy treatment is built right in

Visualize keeping your interior floors by simply regular completely dry dirt wiping and also occasional wet wiping to keep them clean and radiating. Every decorative concrete floor layout has an industry-tough surface that lets you do precisely that. No painful over spills and also spots or acquiring a range of cleaning items. Any kind of ornamental concrete pattern, texture or layout has a continuous, covered surface that makes the flooring reduced upkeep and also very easy to tidy. UV-resistant concrete stains permeate the surface area for vivid, long-lasting color and our concrete resurfacing overlay systems consist of performance-grade polymer and also accumulation mixes for a remarkable product. You will love what decorative concrete offers your floors!


Concrete floorings are the hardest floorings you can have which’s why concrete has actually been made use of for centuries in the property as well as business properties– it’s incredibly durable. Concrete flooring will last longer than other floor covering choices like carpet, ceramic tile, linoleum, plastic, and also timber that can call for replacement every few years. If over time an attractive concrete floor starts to boring or show wear in extremely trafficked locations, resealing will restore it to the like-new problem. You can expect decorative concrete flooring to last for decades, providing charm as well as the performance with minimum upkeep needed.

  • This stenciled, resurfaced timber tile ornamental concrete flooring looks like genuine timber yet has none of the troubles integral with genuine wood.
  • Decorative concrete transforms indoor floors into masterpieces with vibrant stain shades as well as genuine-looking stamp patterns for rock, timber plank, and also tile.
  • Minimized long-lasting maintenance keeps cash in your pocket as opposed to funding repair services or replacement for used carpets, harmed wood, or broken ceramic tiles.


Some typical flooring types such as wood, grouted ceramic tiles, or natural rock finishes are not a good idea in locations where humidity or dampness is high. These floor designs respond badly to moisture with troubles of mold and microorganisms development, wear and tear, as well as spots. In rooms where moisture can be a problem, like kitchens, utility room, and washrooms, it’s flawlessly secure to have ornamental concrete layouts of any type of flooring design you pick.

  • Secured decorative concrete coatings are moisture-resistant as well as prevent the development of mold also in damp problems.
  • Water splashes stay on the surface as well as can be wiped up as opposed to being absorbed right into the floor as can happen with timber or tile cement lines.
  • Moisture-resistant floors aid to decrease in-home irritants from the mold as well as microorganisms development so the whole family members can take a breath easier.


With durable attractive concrete surfaces, you do not have to prohibit the youngsters or family pets from chosen areas of your house, such as light floors or temperamental timber. The genuine artificial surfaces of decorative concrete offer the elegance of high-maintenance floor tile, stone or wood, yet with a stain-resistant closed finish that secures against stains. Paint, problems or young puppies are safe in any type of space!

  • The non-porous closed surface area repels spills of all kinds, consisting of food as well as beverage, oils, and also sticky materials for simple cleaning.
  • Nothing gets through the secured surface to stain or mar the concrete floor.
  • When spills occur, a fast clean with an absorbent cloth is all you need to preserve its honesty, leaving no sticking around residue or odor.


Aesthetics is a big part of selecting flooring and you don’t need to go back from magnificent, cutting-edge style with decorative concrete. A really lovable quality of ornamental concrete is that it can replicate any type of various other difficult surface floor covering. You can have high-end looks like porcelain and also ceramic floor tile in addition to the glamorous high gloss of marble. No timber floor layout is out of reach, consisting of smooth wood finishes, troubled timber, wider slabs, and also redeemed timber. With custom concrete stamps, you can choose the style as well as structure of the wood coating together with a custom stain to match your decoration.

  • Customized layout allows you have any pattern, layout or color you prefer; you’re never ever limited to locally readily available designs and shades in the huge box stores.
  • Tarnished concrete deals a boundless array of colors and also special effects, including antiqued, variegated, mottled, solid or several colors, and stenciled styles or boundaries.
  • Attention to information with stamped concrete overlays produces authentic looking stone, wood, and ceramic tile, including all-natural appearances, finishes, as well as integrated cement lines.

Stunning floorings to boost your life

Currently is a blast to change your home with lovely, brand-new decorative concrete floor covering that boosts your surroundings as well as produces stress-free areas for any task your family members enjoys. Marathon cooking in the kitchen, an afternoon of crafts, or an energised exercise session won’t harm the floorings or require any type of heavy-duty cleaning so you can relax as well as relish the fun. Call 949-386-1553 today or go to matth107.sg-host.com to locate the Santa Ana Concrete Driveways location closest you and also ask for a totally free in-home or digital * style appointment and also discover just exactly how fashionable easy-care floorings can be!

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