How To Choose The Right Driveway

Choosing a driveway for your home can be difficult. How can you choose the best material for your needs when so many variables are involved?


We’ve analyzed the benefits and drawbacks of each type of driveway to help you choose the best one for you.


Many factors favor resin bound driveways. To begin with, a resin driveway can instantly modernise and improve the appearance of any home. Its wide range of colors and blends can complement your landscaping to enhance your property.


Also, no drainage issues! Resin’s composition allows water to drain, preventing puddles on your new driveway. It is also reasonably priced, easy to install, and low maintenance.


Those considering using resin should consider the type of resin to use. UV protection is less important with a darker finish or stone. If you want a lighter resin finish, use one that has UV protection. A driveway regularly used by heavy or large vehicles may also wear away the resin or leave marks on the surface.


Unless your driveway is used by large or heavy vehicles, this material may be ideal.


Tarmac, Taramacadam, Bitmac or Asphalt driveways are one of the most popular due to the many benefits. Tarmac driveways are a quick and easy way to improve your property. Tarmac is also long-lasting if properly maintained.

However, tarmac may be an issue if your driveway is small or irregularly shaped. One of the disadvantages of a tarmac driveway is the ongoing maintenance. It can lead to cracked surfaces and poor drainage if not properly installed and maintained. So tarmac may be the answer for a quick and cheap driveway fix.


Paving Block

Block paving has grown in popularity in recent years, partly due to the variety of blocks now available to the average homeowner. The driveway’s colors, patterns, and layout can make it stand out and complement your home.


Block paving also has a longer lifespan than tarmac driveways. It can be easily repaired and still look good! Block paving your driveway takes time and money. In order to achieve the best effect, block paving requires hand selecting a range of blocks and levelling the ground.


If you can afford it, block paving is one of the most attractive driveways for any home.