Best Ways to Build Concrete Sidewalks or Walkways
Santa Ana Concrete Driveways
Santa Ana Concrete Driveways

Best Ways to Build Concrete Sidewalks or Walkways



​Let’s face it; owning a home isn’t all about worrying about the bills accrued by the house. You also have to place some concerns on how your home looks like. And more so, your outward appearance should be a top concern.


One of the things that anyone or everyone first sees when walking to your house is your sidewalk or walkway. Even a glance at it will lead people into wanting to see more of the walkway to your home. And as a homeowner, it’s evident that you don’t want a rugged-looking concrete walkway leading to your house.


It’s embarrassing and even dis-inviting and such a state can contribute to further damages to your home’s well-being. So, the best way to deal with such a situation is by enhancing it with some professional assistance.


Trending Designs for Sidewalk and Walkways 2020

With a new decade underway, many things are changing globally, and whether bad or good, change is inevitable. But here, in particular, we’ll be taking a closer look at good changes. Many ideas on the design of sidewalks have emerged, with each bearing their taste and statement.

Some walkway designs are even unmatched, while others showcase the true definition of artistry. Below we look at some of the most trending designs for concrete walkways in 2020.

1. Curved Path

Curved concrete walkways give you organic and informal entry to homes. With the curved path, your visitors get a chance to be guided into your home as they experience the landscape in your front yard.

Since people are now embracing the combination of traditional designs and modern touch, the curved path walkways have increased in popularity this new decade.

2. Colored Concrete Sidewalks

With concrete dying and staining products, professionals can now turn concrete into almost any color possible. Therefore, you can match your sidewalk color with the color of your home, if that’s what you might prefer.

This gives homeowners the privilege of enhancing their walkways with their color of choice. Besides that, you can also revive your faded sidewalks’ color with this design, which is another reason why more people are into this idea.

3. Stamped Concrete Walkways

As for this design, a standard concrete slab is stamped to achieve natural pavers or stone look. During stamping, the concrete sidewalk can be added to some additional setup to emphasize your visitors’ guidance.

4. Straight Concrete Sidewalks

Although not as common, straight walkways are still admirable designs by most homeowners. They are mostly preferred for offering a formal and clean entry to modern homes.

How Long Does it Take to Finish Concrete Sidewalk or Walkways?

According to standard industrial cases, your concrete sidewalk should be at full strength within 30 days. However, seven days is also enough for the concrete walkways to be 70% cured. Therefore, you need to pay optimal attention to the healing process by ensuring that nothing or no one jeopardizes the process.


There is no standard answer on how much it costs to install a sidewalk or walkways. This is because the process depends on several factors. Such determinants include:

• The surface area of your sidewalk

• The finish grade you require

• Material volume

• Any other special requirement

• And the labor rate too.

Such factors need to be addressed first before knowing how much it costs to install a sidewalk or walkways.
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