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4 Actions To Keep Your Stamped Concrete Patio Area

A stamped concrete patio supplies a look that very closely imitates high-end paving materials, such as block, slate, or stone. Contrasted to such materials, stamped concrete is much more durable, extra economical, as well as a lot more functional as a result of its customizability.


Reasonably talking, stamped concrete likewise calls for less maintenance than various other paving products. Nevertheless, there are actions you have to require to protect the charm of your patio and prevent premature damage, such as cracking or fading. There are 4 actions associated with maintaining your stamped concrete patio area.

1. Cleaning
Routine cleaning is among the crucial facets of stamped concrete upkeep. Maintaining the outdoor patio clear and also free from particles will certainly go a long means toward safeguarding the concrete as well as the sealer.

Approximately when a week, you must sweep away international contaminants, such as dirt, leaves, as well as branches, with a mop. It is additionally appropriate to use a leaf blower. Later, you must rinse the patio area with a common yard hose and also spray attachment.

Sometimes, your outdoor patio might be tarnished by food spills, bird waste matter, or oil. You need to use a gentle cleanser, such as recipe soap, as well as cozy water to spot tidy the tarnish. Make certain to make use of cleaners that will not damage the concrete and rinse the outdoor patio thoroughly afterward to stay clear of the build-up of any deposit.

2. Resealing
Sealing is the last action involved in the installment of your stamped concrete patio area. The sealer supplies protection from water, extreme rays of the sun, as well as various other outdoor problems. It additionally gives the sparkle and also makes the shades show up richer. Nonetheless, the sealant does not last permanently, as well as the patio area eventually has to be resealed.

Take care not to reseal your patio area too often. It probably will not require it for a minimum of a year as well as a fifty percent, and if permitted to accumulate, the different layers of finishing at some point transform an awful color of yellow. It is advised that you reseal your patio every 2 to 3 years. Nonetheless, you might discover the sealant on your patio area wearing off quicker than that, usually due to severe weather conditions or heavy foot website traffic. In this situation, overlook the timetable and reseal it as required.

When resealing a patio, it is important that you layer the whole surface efficiently and prevent trapping yourself behind the scenes. We advise that you call us for resealing instead of attempting to manage it on your own. However, you can prepare your patio for resealing by thoroughly cleansing the surface area in advance and making sure it is totally dry.

3. Protection
You can boost the long life of your stamped concrete outdoor patio by limiting its exposure to the aspects. A pergola or canvas patio area cover protects the patio area from the sunlight as well as might extend its life by numerous years.

Another way to secure your outdoor patio is with an outside carpet. This not just looks fantastic against the stamped concrete, however, it likewise helps to protect the surface area from food spills, stains, and scratches from relocating furnishings around.

4. Snow as well as Ice Removal
Snow and also ice can use down the sealer and harm the patio area itself, yet traditional removal methods can be almost as bad. Ideally, you need to use a plastic shovel or a snow blower on stamped concrete. A rake or shovel with a metal edge can scrape it. Chemical de-icers are acidic and can damage the sealer on your patio area. These should not be used, specifically when the sealer is most prone during the first winter months after setting up the concrete.

A properly set up, the properly maintained stamped concrete patio area must last for decades. Normal maintenance assists ensure that your patio lasts at least as long as it is supposed to and might even extend its beneficial life. In addition, keeping your patio area can help to boost your overall satisfaction with it through the years. Call Santa Ana Concrete Driveways (949) 386-1553 for a stamped concrete outdoor patio quote today!

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